Welcome to the EIFS Council of Canada

Welcome to the EIFS Council of Canada

The ECC and its membership have set the highest standard for exterior wall systems.

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Our History

Founded in 1987, the EIFS Council of Canada (ECC) was formed to represent the Canadian EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finish Systems) industry across Canada and all its user sectors. The EIFS Council looks back over the industry’s 40-year history in Canada to chart the course forward – advancing innovation balanced with preservation and supported by independent and government validation.

The ECC and its membership have set the highest standard for exterior wall systems. Today, the EIFS industry is able to place a checkmark beside exterior wall expectations with unparalleled confidence and affirmed experience.*

Control Heat Flow

Control Air Flow

Control Water Vapour Flow

Control Rain Penetration

Control Fire

Provide Strength & Rigidity


Aesthetically Pleasing


EIFS is in fact the only exterior wall system where all these objectives are delivered through one proprietary system. Explore our website for further details and information and thank you for visiting.

*Defined by N.B Hutcheon in Canadian Building Digest 48

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Launch of the new ‘ECC EIFS APP’ for your mobile devices

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Visit your Apple App or Google Play stores, search for EIFS and download the EIFS APP directly onto your IOS or Android devices or use the links below:

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The 2023 EIFS Architectural Design Awards Portal

Open to all architects, architectural firms, builders or design professionals that have designed and completed a building located in Canada which utilizes EIFS products into innovative and creative built projects.

Ensuring Your Systems Are Functional

The EIFS Council of Canada prepared this EIFS Practice Manual to clearly explain the appropriate use of EIFS as an exterior cladding.

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